Assholes Do Exist

In different shapes and colors,
In different stages of desire
To destroy, to prove power
Through manipulative scheme,
But this tactic does not build,
It destroys, it punishes,
It puts down all of us who know about creative, solid work,
Who want to help, who want to share experiences;
I believe in brilliancy of our team
Who helped so many kids: lost, unsure, unfit, conflicted or just perfectly well,
I believe in bread and butter
Provided to all children because all children are ours
Questions from leadership such as “what would you do if it was your child” are terribly inappropriate, immature and arrogant.
So guess what my team, we stay with the Hippocratic Oath,
We will talk to our patients, we will perceive them as those who suffer and need help,
We will not bang into the keyboard watching if letters on the monitor show up fast enough,
We will talk with our patients face to face, we will try to understand why they came to see us.
I will never replace direct human interaction with inbasket (?!) efficiency,
I am a doctor, I am not a robot or a typist, or a billing expert.
I want to practice medicine where I am not disrupted by things that do not belong to my profession
I do not care about new leaders who are immature, spoiled assholes. I will go where I can practice medicine based on the Hippocratic oath, and great things I learned from my patients and my team.

Doctor Ania
November 23, 2017

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