What Can I Say As a Mature Doc in the USA

The reality of being a physician in the USA
Has been becoming less and less compatible with dedication to patients and a normal personal life,
Commitment to the Hippocratic Oath = Primary “Do No Harm” has been overshadowed by a strictly business side
Young docs stay in charge of their typing skills to be fast enough
To produce predigested, preformed computer notes
Instead of taking care of their patients,
This structure makes no sense- it infiltrates human health
Like a venom of the cobra snake
Strong enough to kill
As the antidote is far away;
But, I still believe in intellectual and emotional power of all of us
Who came in conclusion they want to be docs in the USA,
Because this is the only place which still allows to practice medicine without corruption,
So, please let me say, stay strong all young, middle-aged and older docs in the USA!

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