The Vanpool Chief

I have a chief who is vanpooling
Life, colleagues, patients:
7 to 4, 8 to 5, or otherwise
You are a lost, noncompetent thug
Who does not know anything,
My vanpool chief is smart, energetic and tough,
But has no sense of life, and rolling sleeves when things do not look so bright is not his thing
My vanpool chief is a boy who got a new toy, and in the process of letting me go, still asks me if I like him;
The fundamental issue is that leadership jobs are frequently taken by young, dynamic but poorly socially skilled people, who are lost and sceared, and because of that
They target those who seem to be the most vulnarable and transparent,
Under no circumstances it excuses their behavior:
Abuse of power of any kind must not be accepted,
Leadership role is not a toy, it is a high priviledge and responsibility,
So, the vanpool chief may stay or go,
But it is not my thing to go back to the vanpool activity….

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