Sweatshops in America do exist,
These are assembly lines for physicians who are forced to practice
dehumanized patient care
We have In Basket in our Electronic Medical Record which is similar to In Cart when you shop for goods,
We have to click on these in-basket items to make them go away as if we paid for the product,
We have to type fast enough to claim financial incentive and every single note is based on copy and paste with the same assessment and plan
This practice is reinforced by administration who is looking for a bigger dollar sign from the federal incentive,
But guess what, docs do not have union and their representations really sucks because they are not powered by anybody and they are not protected by the union,
They live alone, making good money, but threatened by a law suit or revoking their license, by some unhappy flier,
I have been analyzing these stories and I am shocked that docs have no protection,
That if something goes wrong, they have to deal with this alone
This is the sweatshop mentality: You work in a poor conditions: small space with 2-3 full teaching services, dust everywhere, nonworking computers and printers, no bathroom.
So far, so not very good, as I am on the edge of being fired

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